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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 8/6/20

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

It's funny how in such a short time everything can change. Last week the lake was at 705 and now its up to 708, I would assume that's what 6"s of rain will do. With that the COE has started running water and the fishing is picking up. Every where I have been the water has a great color for fishing. The weatherman is calling for just a slight chance of rain this weekend so it looks like a perfect time to head to Truman for some fantastic fishing. 

LAKE LEVEL:            708.5

WATER TEMP:          79 deg.

WATER CLARITY:     Clear to light stain.

CRAPPIE: The crappie fishing is good on Truman now. Brush piles are still the best with the best piles in 15' to 18' with the crappie holding tight. Drift fishing a minnow across the top of the pile seems the best way to catch numbers of fish. It seems if you park on top the pile the fish move off. The hard woods on the flats are also producing good fish. The Pommieflats have been good this week with fish holding in about 15' of water down about 8'. Minnows or jigs are working here. The bluff banks are also working with fish holding in 20'+ water down about 15'. You have to sort through some small fish to get a limit so take plenty of minnows.

BASS: The bass are liking the higher water. With the inflow the top water action has picked up in the backs of the creeks. Zara Spooks and buzz baits are working the best. Spinner baits are also picking up a few fish in the backs of the coves. Look in 3' to 5' of water. The water didn't get high enough to get in the grass so it's back to point hoping during the day. Jig and frog  and a weightless Sinko have been working the best here. 4' to 8' seems to be the best depth. 

WHITES & HYBRIDS: There is lots of surface activity going on now. The shad are finally on the surface and the whites are right with them. There are good numbers of fish coming off KK Island. with the evening being the best. With the amount of current going through the dam the humps are also starting. The airport hump and Point O-3 are two good areas along with the weir. Jigging spoons are working the best in these areas. Still not much going on with the hybrids but I believe they should be starting with the shad on top and the current flow.

CATFISH: Jug fishing is the way to go now. 8' to 12' seems to be the best depth with several fish coming off the humps. Cut bait set about 5' seems to be working. Also the points on the flats where there is a current break are also good. Rod and reel drift fishing is also good in the same areas. Remember to run stationary jugs often to prevent loosing fish.

WALLEYE: There has been a few walleye caught this week. Trolling deep running crank baits over the humps has been the best. 15' humps have been the most productive early and late. Try to keep the baits on the bottom. The airport hump has been holding a few walleye lately. Crawler rigs with bottom bouncers are the answer during the day. Check the saddles next to the humps, with the current flow these areas should hold bait fish.

We still have a few stalls left for Labor Day so if you want to reserve one do it quick. You can reach us at Osage Bluff Marina 660-438-2939 or for rooms at Osage Bluff Motel 660-438-2891. That's it for this week.

Till next week


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