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The Original Marina
on Truman Lake!

Fill up with our premium marine grade pre-mixed ethanol free fuel!


Don't head out on the water hungry! Our restaurant is floating with a great view of the lake. We offer breakfast, lunch, to-go sandwiches. 


Everything you need to snag your catch of a lifetime! All types of fishing tackle are available as well as live bait - goldfish, minnows, chicken liver, you name it! The tackle store has a complete line of bass fishing tackle and the latest "hot" lures from leading brands such as Gary Yamamoto Senkos, High Roller, Cavitron Buzzbaits, Megastrike, and Frogg Toggs to name a few. 


Bait & Tackle Shop

Nightly & annual rentals to accommodate anything from a jon boat to a houseboat! Each covered slip has electric for charging batteries and some are outfitted with boat lifts. 

Slip Rentals

We have all the items you will need on the water or at your campsite. Beer, soda, water, ice, sunscreen, life jackets, various safety equipment all at your convenience!

Convenience Store
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