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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 9/5/19

What a holiday! If anyone didn't have a good time last weekend I just don't know what to say. The fireworks display that Jason put on was as good as any July 4th display that I have seen. The weather was perfect it was actually cool out, kind of strange for Labor Day. Anyway I would like to thank all the folks that showed up and for all the donations for the fireworks fund for next July 4th. THANK YOU!

As far as this week goes it has been a picture perfect week. The weather has been super and the lake is still on a slow rise but I think the COE may catch it either today or tomorrow. Every place I fished this week the water clarity was good. Now if you run up the rivers you will find a little dirty water but around here it is very good for fishing.They are still running about 30000 cfs through the dam making lots of current and keeping the fish active. There is bait fish on the surface just about every where so most of the old hot spots are productive..

Archery season for deer opens in about 10 days and I think everyone I have talked to has a story about a big buck they have seen already this year. In my travels around the lake I to have seen a good one or two also but I am also seeing lots of deer, many more than in the past few years so it looks like it could be a good season. Just a reminder to check the regulations real close in the county you are hunting in because there has been several changes made by the conservation dept. from limits to transporting so check extra close.

LAKE LEVEL:         717.2

WATER TEMP:       79 deg.

WATER CLARITY:  Clear to heavy stain.

CRAPPIE: The crappie are kind of hit and miss right now. If you hit them it doesn't take long to get a limit but if you miss its a all day hunt. I have talked to several people doing well on the crappie this week and most of them are fishing cedars on the flats in 12' - 15' of water with minnows. There is also some fish on the bridge pillars but they are getting a little bait shy. You can catch 3 or 4 fish then you will have to move to the next pillar, you can go back a little later and pick up a couple more where you started. 

BASS: The bass fishing on Truman continues to be good. As last week secondary points are the best now. 5' to 8' of water fished with either a jig and frog or a 7 1/2" worm. Top water on the timbered flats is still working early and late with buzz baits and Pop R's doing the best. 

WHITES & HYBRIDS: There has been lots of whites and a few hybrids come off KK Island this week. Spoons are working the best in about 20' of water. I'm pretty sure that with the current flow that's going through the dam all or the haunts are holding some fish.

CATFISH:  The cat fishing here is real good. Jugs and trot lines are producing some big fish. Jugs fished on the flats in 15' of water with cut bait set about 8' has produced lots of blues. Trot lines along the bluff pockets in 15' with either cut bait or live perch set 6' to 8' is good. Current breaks on main lake points are also holding fish in about 15' of water.

WALLEYE: With all the boat traffic last weekend the walleye fishing was a little slow. Trolling deep running crank baits over the humps on the South end of KK Island is where I would start now and either switch to a spoon or crawler rig later is the day. Everything is there to hold the walleye being lots of bait fish, current and the water is at about the right depth. 

We here at Osage Bluff are gearing up for some great fall fishing so if you need a boat stall you can contact us at 660-438-2939, or for rooms at Osage Bluff Motel at 660-438-2891. Get ready the good fall fishing is going to be here before we know it.

Till next week


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