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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 9/27/18

It looks like Sept. is pretty well shot and with Oct. starting it seems the cooler weather is right on time. The water temp is starting to drop and the fish seem to be thinking about moving to their fall patterns. With the cooler mornings we are having there has been some heavy fog on the lake that are lasting till close to 9 am. so if you are planning on fishing early you might want to take this in consideration. I have noticed that the trees are starting to turn more everyday. It looks like they will hit full color a little earlier than usual.

LAKE LEVEL:            706.68

WATER TEMP:         74 deg.

WATER CLARITY:   Clear to lightly stained.

CRAPPIE: The crappie fishing is about the same as last week. Bluff points in 25' of water fished with minnows down 15' is working. Also the brush piles in 15' are holding fish. You may have to hit 3 or 4 piles but when you hit one with fish work it hard as there seems to be good numbers in the schools. The isolated trees on the flats in 15' to 18' of water are also working. Talked to several people that caught 10 fish to a limit off one clump of trees. Start at the bottom and work your bait up seemed to produce the best.

BASS:  The secondary points in the creeks are the best this week. Look in 8' to 10' of water. Top water early in the am. with either a jig and frog or a square bill as the day warms up. Trees along the creek channels are holding fish with trees in 15' of water. The bass are suspending in the tops where a square bill has been working.

WHITES & HYBRIDS: Its been a pretty good week on the whites with fish moving back to the wind blown points. Rooster Tails and Blue Fox spinners are working the best. There has been some spoon fish on the humps around KK Island in 12' of water. These fish seem to move a lot with this weather. I would also check the Pommie flats this time of the year.

CATFISH: Trot lines picked up this week. Points at the mouths of the coves in 15' to 18' of water fished with perch worked vary well for me. Set baits 3' off the bottom. Jugs on the flats just inside the mouths of the creeks off the flats next to the channel with cut baits set about 8'.

WALLEYE: There are a few good walleye coming off the humps on the south end of KK Island. Either crawler rigs or deep running crank baits. 12' to 15' seems to be the magic depth.

That's it for this week  Check us out on Facebook or you can contact us at Osage Bluff Marina 660-438-2939.

Till next week


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