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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 9/10/20

Well our final holiday is in the books for this year and we here at Osage Bluff would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who showed up. I think a good time was had by all. Now we have to get ready for all the good fall fishing that is in front of us. This week the weather is giving us a little taste of fall. It has been a little foggy in the mornings and the temps have been in the 70's which makes it feel like fall. With the cooler nights the water temp has dropped a little and I'm hoping it will get the fish all fired up. Archery season opens next Tuesday so lets hope it cools down so the mosquitoes go away.

LAKE LEVEL:               704.68

WATER TEMP:             77 deg.

WATER CLARITY:        Lightly stained.

CRAPPIE: The crappie fishing here on Truman has slowed up a little. I have noticed over the years that this happens in the early fall. As the water temp drops they turn back on and start their winter feed up. The best bite now is on the brush piles on the points in 12' to 18' with minnows. There has been some fish caught drifting the creek channels.either spider rigging or just drifting a minnow off the side of the boat. Depth wise you are looking at 14' to 18' of water. The bluff banks are also producing some fish out of the brush piles in 20' + water on minnows down 12' to 15'.

BASS: The bass fishing is holding in there. It seems points are pretty much the way to go. This week it seems the fish were looking for a smaller bait with baby brush hogs rigged Texas style working well. The bluff ends seemed to be the most productive. With these cooler mornings the top water bite has improved with more shad coming to the surface. Buzz baits and Pop R's have been the best on the flats in 6' to 8' of water. 

WHITES & HYBRIDS: The white bass fishing was very good this week. Spoons fished on the underwater ridges has been productive this week  12' to 15' has been a constant depth. It takes a lot of graphing but when you find them you can catch a limit in no time flat. There has been good surface activity in the early morning and at sunset. Rooster tails have been the most productive here. KK Island is still one of the hot spots. 

CATFISH: Jugs are working the best now. 8' to 16' on the flats close to channel breaks using cut shad set about 5' to 8' has been producing some big blues. Rod and reel drift fishing in the same areas is also working. With the water temps starting to drop these fish will get real active. Trot lines set along channels in 15' of water baited with shad are also working with baits set about 8'. 

WALLEYE: We didn't see a lot of walleye caught last weekend but the fish that were caught we good fish. Trolling Flicker Shad on top the humps was productive in 12' to 15' of water. Also crawler rigs fished on bottom bouncers was working in the saddles next to the humps. I look for the spoon fishing to pick up with the numbers of shad we are seeing around the humps.

That's the report for this week. If we can help you out with anything you can contact us at Osage Bluff Marina 660-438-2939 or for the Motel at 660-438-2891.

Till next week


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