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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 8/9/18

Where has all the water gone? It isn't vary often that you see Truman at a level like this. It has it's advantages but I think that the disadvantages out weight them. Now is the time to hit the lake with a camera and get some photos of what's down there. Under cut banks, tree rows and shallow humps all things that fish like to hang around. The bad part is getting to them. The main lake is fine to run but going back in some of the creeks can be a little tough. One thing to keep in mind is no matter where you go use extra caution, I even found trees that I didn't know were there.

It's just not on the lake that caution is needed now, when traveling on the roads in the early morning and late evening the deer have started moving. If you see one you can bet there will be at least one more if not two. I have been seeing lots of fawns in the last couple of weeks and it seems they are not afraid of vehicles to say the  least. In the next week or so we will also have the school buses going again so extra caution is advised. Then we also have state fair starting so a little extra time may be needed getting through Sedalia.

LAKE LEVEL:           704.77

WATER TEMP:        83 deg.

WATER CLARITY:   Clear to lightly stained.

CRAPPIE: With the lower lake levels the tree rows have started to pick up a little. Tree rows in 12' to 15' are starting to hold some fish. The best depth has been about 10' with minnows. Don't be afraid to fish the rows as shallow as 6' right off the bottom. The isolated trees on the flats are also working. 15' seems the best with fish holding 10' to 12' in the clear water. Brush piles are doing the same. I have noticed that some of the shallower piles are sticking out of the water now good ones to skip but you want to remember where they are for high water conditions.

BASS: The dog days of summer are upon us when it comes to bass fishing. The top water bite works in the early morning. Pop R's and buzz baits on the flat secondary points seem the best. Square bill crank baits fished in the tree tops along the edge of creek channels will work during the day. Also big worms swam through the tree tops has been working.

WHITES & HYBRIDS: The whites have been slow during the daytime this week. Last night at sunset there was a lot of surface activity around KK Island. These fish stayed up for a good while. Rooster tails seemed to work the best. The hybrid bite is still fishing for suspended fish. Either live bait or a big sassy shad fished about 15' has been the best. With the water temp starting to drop a little this bite should pick up. If you happen to catch a time when the COE is running water spoons will work on the humps.

CATFISH: Jugs are working on the flats in about 15' of water with cot bait set down about 8'. I've been running baits at 5' and 10' and this seems to be working. No big fish but some good eaters and lots of slot fish. Talked to a buddy of mine and he is running vertical trot lines on the edge of the flats where they break from 15' to 25'. He is using live and cut perch and has been doing good on big fish. With the water temp starting to fall I think this bite is really going to fire up. My favorite is from 65 to 75 deg. To me it seems the fish are more active at this temp.

WALLEYE: The walleye are still hitting around the humps. Trolling deep runners are the best but I would also start working a crawler rig on a bottom bouncer again. 15' seems to be the magic number now. There seems to be an abundance of big shad schools around the humps and it must be keeping the walleye in those areas. Again KK has been the hot spot with a few fish coming off the island at Smiths bend.

That's it for the report for this week. We have a couple of boat stalls left for the holiday coming up. You can get one reserved by calling Osage Bluff Marina 660-438-2939. Check us out on face book for the latest happenings at Osage Bluff Marina.

Till next week


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