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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 7/26/18

With all the rain of last week we should probably feel a little slighted this week but who can complain about weather like this for the end of July. There is a little chance or rain this weekend but it looks like it might be in the evenings so all is good. The temps are supposed to stay in the 80's so it looks like a perfect weekend for fishing.

LAKE LEVEL:             705.62

WATER TEMP:           84 deg.

WATER CLARITY:      Clear to light stain

CRAPPIE: This weeks report is just like last week. The main lake brush piles are working the best. 15' to 18' fished with minnows has had good results. The bluff banks in 20' to 25' of water fishing the cedars down about 15' is also good. Look for brush piles off the main lake bluff points it seems the fish are starting to move to them. With the lake being a little low and the water clarity as good as it is it's a little easier to find those cedars that are down 2' to 3'. The isolated trees on the flats are still doing good. You may have to hit two or three bunches but when you find the right one you can catch good numbers off them. minnows are the best here to.

BASS: The bass fishing is a little slower this week. It seems you can catch a few small fish but the big guys are hiding out. Maybe with the full moon this weekend things will pick up. Top water on the timbered flats in the early morning is producing some keeper fish. Look for flat points with 5' to 6' of water and look for working shad. During the day it is still point hopping. Big worms in 6' to 10' of water are the best. 

WHITES & HYBRIDS: I have talked to several folks that are doing very good on the hybrids. Live bait fishing has been getting the best results. The hybrids are suspending in about 15' of water over 25' so this way it is easier to keep the bait in the strike zone.  The have been lots of 7-8lb fish brought in with a few over 10lbs. Best areas seem to be close to humps or under water ridges. In the late evenings the whites and hybrids have been hitting spoons on the Pommie Flats with a little surface activity going on right before dark.

CATFISH: The cats have slowed up a little this week or maybe they just moved again. I'm thinking that with the cooler daytime temps they might have moved to a little deeper water on the flats. Last week they were up as shallow as 6' on the flats making rod and reel drift fishing super. This week it looks more like 15' of water with baits down about 6' with cut bait working the best. Jugs have been picking up fish but it seems they want the drifters and not the anchored.

WALLEYE: The walleye changed a little this week with trolling working better than the crawler rigs. They are still holding around the humps so a deep running fire tiger crank bait was best. With maybe a overcast weekend coming it could get these fish all fired up.

We still have a few stalls for the Labor Day holiday so you can get one reserved by calling Osage Bluff Marina 660-438-2939. You can also check us out on face book for the latest happenings on the lake.

Till next week


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