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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 5/9/19

Right when we thought the rains were through here comes another batch. There is no way to speculate how high the lake will go but one thing for sure you can always launch a boat here at Osage Bluff Marina. With the water I am seeing out in Kansas and the rain that has come down in the Grand River water shed I'm thinking Truman is going to get pretty full. Looking at the brighter side Truman is a good lake to fish when its high. Next weeks weather looks a little more promising with not much rain in the forecast. 

We fished a couple days this week and I was surprised at the water clarity. The water in the Little Pom was not bad at all, and the same in the back of Hogles Creek. The Berry Bend to Smiths Bend had a lot of color to it. Tues and Wednesday the COE ran water pretty hard and that did pull some drift off the banks.

LAKE LEVEL:             722.77

WATER TEMP:          65 deg.

WATER CLARITY:      Heavy stain to muddy up the rivers.

CRAPPIE: Folks are still catching crappie off the banks in our area. It seems there is fish pulling up in the afternoons in 3' to 4' of water. Jigs are working the best with a bobber set about 12". With the water on a rise like it is when the eggs hatch they should have lots of places to hide. From what I can see it looks kike the crappie are finishing up spawning. Talked to a friend of mine the other day and he said they were catching fish on the summer pattern from Smiths to Tally Bend. Looks like it is time to get the long poles out and do some dippin..

BASS: The bass fishing is really pretty good with the high water. There is lots of saw dust on the banks in the creeks and the bass love to lay under it when the sun shines. A big ole jig and frog or a Texas rigged craw are my favorite when fishing this pattern. Also flooded willow bushes in the creeks that come to a point is another pattern going. Flipping lizards or creature baits in these bushes is good. A buzz bait will also pull fish out of the willows. Secondary points in the creeks are doing good with spinner baits and Chartreuse square bills in 4' to 6' of water.

WHITES & HYBRIDS: The whites and hybrids were hot last weekend around KK Island. They were stacked up on the current breaks around the points and humps. Spoons and Rooster Tails were the hot baits. The trick is that the fish are laying right on the bottom so instead of hopping the spoon you have to just barely twitch it.  Here again with the lake being high that means there will be lots of pulling water and that means a lot of good white and hybrid fishing.

CATFISH: As most folks know the cat fishing gets really good when the water is high on Truman. Craig and I had a good time this week chasing fish. Trot lines and jugs are working great in the creeks. 12' to 16' seems the best with baits set about 8'. Perch seems to be the best bait and the smaller the better. The flat heads are starting to pull up on the chunk rock bluff banks in the creeks. Live bait fished about 8' seems to be working well. The blues are still all over the place with lots of fish in the slot being caught. 

WALLEYE: No report this week. 

We would like to wish all the moms a very Happy Mothers Day this Sunday. 

Get your holiday reservations in soon as we are starting to fill up. Boat stalls at Osage Bluff Marina 660-438-2939 and motel rooms at Osage Bluff Motel at 660-438-2891. 

 Till next week


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