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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 5/23/19

Yes we are still open. It sure looks like this is one of those years where mother nature is fighting back, I wouldn't want to guess how much rain we have had this spring but it sure doesn't want to stop. The lake is up to 730 msl and it is supposed to rise a little more. We are still operational and conducting business as normal, With the holiday weekend upon us we will continue to operate. Jason has added on the extra walkways and the Marina is still accessible. Looking at the forecast for the weekend it doesn't look that bad so we are going to plan the holiday as normal with just some extra water. The COE is not releasing any water at this time so there is not a lot of drift on the lake.  As far as the lake goes the backs of the creeks are starting to clear up a little. The main lake has lots of color to it but with the COE not releasing water through the dam I look for this to start clearing a little. A word of caution when boating is with the lake being 24' high most of the trees are under but when running the channels are still the best.  LAKE LEVEL:               730. WATER TEMP:             68 deg. WATER CLARITY:        Heavy stain to dirty. CRAPPIE: With the spawn over the crappie are switching to the summer pattern. With the high water the crappie have moved to deeper water. The bite rite now is just off the green trees in 15' to 20' of water down about 8'. Minnows or jigs are working.  BASS: The bass are moving to the backs of the creeks where there is lots of food being washed in. Spinner baits and buzz baits are working the best here. The flooded willow bushes in 5' to 8' are also holding fish. Big worms and creature baits rigged Texas style are the best baits. WHITES & HYBRIDS: Not much going on with the whites and hybrids now with no water flow. Look out when they do turn it on, we should have one of the best seasons we have had in a while. CATFISH: With all the flooded willows on the flats its time to get the limb lines out. A perch or goldfish set about 6" under the surface should tear the flat heads up. The blues are up on the flats starting to look for nesting areas.Jugs are the best bet baited with cut bait in 8' to 12' of water with baits set about 5'. WALLEYE: No report.. We would like to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day. As I said before we are open and planning on having a great weekend here at Osage Bluff Marina so come on down. Till next week   Tommy

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