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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 5/21/20

And the rains came. Another 4" of rain hit the lakes area this week but we are really in good shape. The COE has been running water every day so the lake is staying at a good level. The water clarity is a little messed up in areas but it is starting to clear up. With the floods of last year killing off the vegetation on the banks when ever it rains it pushes mud in. This is usually a surface mud so it dissipates rather quickly. Every where I went this week the water was vary fishable and with the water flow going through the dam making good current the fish should continue to bite.

With the holiday this weekend we are looking for a busy weekend. Please remember social distancing when on the grounds. 

LAKE LEVEL:        708.64

WATER TEMP:      63 deg.


CRAPPIE: The crappie are moving to the summer pattern now. Brush piles in 15' to 20' has been the best bite this week. Minnows are working the best down about 8'. The bluff banks are also holding fish in 20' of water down 12' to 15' in the cedars with minnows working the best. I have had a few reports of crappie out there that are still spawning and lots of reports of fish with eggs in them so it might not hurt to check the spawn banks in the afternoons for bedding fish.

BASS: The bass fishing remains good here on Truman.We still have lots of bedding fish. 3' to 5' of water on 45 deg chunk rock. Sinko's and lizards are working. Secondary points in the creeks in 5' to 8' of water with a jig and frog is also working. The top water bite in the creeks is also on with buzz baits and spooks. With all the rain there is lots of food being washed in and the bass are liking this especially where there is a wet weather ditch coming in. 

WHITES & HYBRIDS: The whites are hitting on the humps on jigging spoons. 15' to 18' humps seem the best. There has also been fish caught trolling flicker shad and rooster tails. I'm not seeing any hybrids to speak of come in but they can't be to far away.

CATFISH: Right now you can catch catfish any way you want. Rod and reel, jugs and lines are all working. The best areas I found this week were on the edge of a flat next to a creek channel. 13' to 15' seemed to be the best depth with baits set about 6'. Cut bait has been working well and I used some gold fish that also worked for flat heads. 

WALLEYE: No report.

If you are in need of boat stalls you can contact us at Osage Bluff Marina 660-438-2939 or for rooms at Osage Bluff Motel 660-438-2891. With the holiday upon us please be safe on the water and the highway.

Till next week


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