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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 5/17/18

Updated: May 28, 2018

It has been a perfect week here on the lake this week. The wind as been gentle and we didn't get much rain which made for perfect fishing conditions. The lake is about 7" low and we could use a little water to at least get it back to normal. I know I have been finding trees that I don't normally bounce off of. So a word of caution when running. Even with the lower lake level all species of fish are hitting good so this would be a great time to hit Truman for some excellent table fare.

LAKE LEVEL:          705.47

WATER TEMP:       74 deg.


CRAPPIE: The crappie have pretty much finished spawning and moved to the summer pattern. Brush piles in 14' to 16' of water are working the best. Either minnows or jigs are catching fish. The fish seem to be floating up and down depending if it is cloudy or sunny. Best depth has been about 7'. The tree rows up the Osage have also been working. 15' to 17' of water about 7' down on minnows in the hard woods is the place to be.

BASS: The bass are up spawning now. Lizards and brush hogs are taking fish out of 3' to 5' of water. The steeper banks in the creeks are working the best. A Pop R or a spook has been taking some big fish in the early am. There is a little spinner bait action in the backs of the creeks in 3' to 6' of water. Look for the flats with the wind blowing into and the shad popping. Also look in some of the shallow brush piles with a big worm for females that haven't come up yet.

WHITES & HYBRIDS: These fish have started. There has been lots of fish showing up on the humps in 9' to 12' of water. Spoons are working the best here. With the COE not running much water it is still hit and miss. I did see a few whites hitting the top on pods of shad in Little Pommie. Had reports of hybrids being taken  around KK Island in the evenings and around Indian Island. Rat L Traps and rooster tails are working.

CATFISH: The cat fishing is very good here on Truman. It doesn't matter if you are jugging, trot lining or rod and reeling you will catch fish. Cut bait is by far the best. 12' to 15' flats with bait set about 8' is good. I set flat head lines this week and had 1 small fish. Bluff bank 16' close to channel swing with perch. Hope to do better later in the week.

Did have lots of nice blues. Used live perch.

That's the report for this week. We have a holiday coming up and I do have a few boat stalls left so if you need one give us a call at Osage Bluff Marina 660-438-2939. Having an event this summer we have the club house up and going for reunions, meetings weddings or use your imagination. You can contact Osage Bluff Motel for info at 660-438-2891.

Till next week,


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