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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 5/16/19

Yes we are still open and you can walk to the marina and use our boat ramp just like normal.This report will probably be more of a lake update than a fishing report, The COE did turn the water on and the lake is dropping. They are running about 50000 cfs which is a lot for Truman. At this level and this flow rate we should drop about a foot every 3 days which is a good thing. There is starting to be a little drift on the lake but in our area its not to bad and if they can keep this flow rate up it should be cleared out by the holiday.

LAKE LEVEL:             727.0

WATER TEMP:            65 deg.

WATER CLARITY:       Stained to dirty.

CRAPPIE: The crappie here on Truman are scattered now. The spawn has come and gone and these fish are just laying around resting and feeding up on all the new food they are finding with the high water. I think we did have a good spawn this year with the fry having plenty of places to hide. Right now I would look at the bluff banks as the tree rows are still under water. Look in 25' of water and fish the trees on the original bank line. 

BASS: With the flow we have going the current breaks around the secondary points should really get hot now. Top water fishing will pick up real quick but rite now a big worm fished in the bushes in 5' to 6' will catch fish. With the dirtier water you are going to fish them slow. Flooded willow bushes in the backs of the creeks are productive when fished with either a jig n frog or a creature bait.

WHITES & HYBRIDS: There has been lots of whites and hybrids coming off KK Island. The road bed on the north end has been good along with the road bed by Wig and Prairie Creek. Spoons are working the best. With the flow we have now I look for these fish to really come on. 

CATFISH: This week the catfish have moved shallower. 10' to 15' with baits set about 8' worked well for us. The perch got lost in the high water this week so we switched to goldfish and cut bait. Trot lines worked the best but I think with the amount of currant we have drifting jugs on the flats should take off. We had several channels and some real nice blues.

WALLEYE: No report.

That's it for this week so lets  hope they keep the water running. If you need a boat stall for the holiday weekend call soon as there are very few left. You can reach us at Osage Bluff Marina 660-438-2939 or for  rooms at 660-438-2891. Like I said earlier our ramp is open and you can walk to the marina so come on down.

Till next week


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