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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 4/3/20

It would be a lot nicer if I could just do a fishing report instead of trying to do updates as to what is going on around the lake with the concerns everyone has in regards to the virus. I have been in contact with the Benton County Health Dept. in regards to how and what we have to do here at the marina and motel. We are operational and abiding by all the guidelines. The motel is open and the rule is no more than 10 people in one place and they have to stay 6’ apart. The marina is the same with no more than 10 people in the store at one time and staying 6’ apart. To me, these are very simple adjustments to spend some quality time in the outdoors and on the water.

Today the weather did a big turn on us for the worst starting at 55 deg. and falling to 34 deg. for a low tonight. Sat is to remain cool in the mid 50’s and warming on Sunday to the mid 60’s and even warmer next week. To me, it looks like everything is going to break loose next week. The lake is still 10’ high but the COE has been dumping lots of water and it has started to drop pretty good. It does have some color to it but it’s still fishable. Temps are all over the place but there have been some high 50’s in the backs of the creeks. There are lots of fish on the pre-spawn pattern depending on where you are on the lake.

There have been lots of red mushrooms found this week along with some grays. The Mayapples are popping all over and some of the redbuds are beautiful. If the weather person is rite I’m thinking we should start seeing some morels pop next week and I hope that’s not wishful thinking. Turkey season opens on the 20th and from the way it sounds at daybreak it should be good. Lots of gobbling going on now.

LAKE LEVEL:                716.37

WATER TEMP:            54 deg.

WATER CLARITY:        Heavy stain.

CRAPPIE: Look back in the creeks on the original bank line. 12’ of water in the trees along the channels with either a jig or minnow will work. The fish are up and down all day so start on the bottom and slowly raise the bait until you find the right depth. On bright sunny days you can find them all the way back in 6’ of water in the flooded bock brush holding rite on the bottom. Move the baits real slow.

BASS: Bass fishing has been slow. Rogues on main lake points in the cedars down about 6’ will work. You have to move the bait at a snail's pace to get a hit. I did hear of a few fish being taken on spinnerbaits in the backs of the flooded creeks in 6’ of water on warm days. Here again you have to move the baits slow.

WHITES: No report.

CATFISH: Jugs in the feeder creeks seem to be the best now. Points close to the channel bends in about 12’ of water baited with cut bait is producing some nice blues. Trotlines baited with cut bait off main lake points on the current breaks are also working in 15’ of water for blues.

WALLEYE: No report.

Hopefully next week will paint a much brighter picture. We do have a few seasonal stalls left and we are taking reservations for the holidays. You can contact us at  Osage Bluff Marina 660-438-2939. You can do room reservations at Osage Bluff Motel at 660-438-2891. We are running limited hours yet so if you are coming down call before you come to get updates. If you need something at the marina, fuel, minnows or whatever there is a number posted on the door just give it a call and someone will be right there.

Please be safe and abide by the rules and maybe this virus will die out and we can get back to normal.

Till next week


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