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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 4/25/19

Truman is on a consistent drop now. The COE has been running 28000 cfs for the last week or so and the lake is falling at a rate of about 6" a day. We are still about 6' high right now. I would make a guess that they will continue to drop it until we get to normal pool. It is not affecting the fishing that mush as the fish here on Truman have leaned when this happens they go shallow to feed but move back to the original bank line to take care of their business. With the conditions we have now I am looking for the fish to spawn a little deeper this year. The carp have started to come back to the dock so it looks like the season is officially here.

I want to give a big thank you to Anglers Port Marine here in Warsaw especially John Slavens. Craig and I picked up the new boat yesterday These folks are easy to deal with and gave a great deal. I would recommend if you are looking for a new ride check them out.

LAKE LEVEL:          712.1

WATER TEMP:        60 deg.

WATER CLARITY:    Stained.

CRAPPIE: There are a few males that have started to move shallow. 6' seems to be the best depth which is the original bank line. The females are holding back in 10' to 12' of water. Minnows and jigs are working. There are also so fish still holding in the creek channels in 20' down about 10'. Spider rigging and drift fishing are working on these fish. With the main lake temps at 60 deg and some of the creeks at close to 65 deg I look for the crappie fishing to get exciting this weekend.

BASS: The bass fishing is picking up on Truman. Secondary points in the creeks is the pattern going now. Fish seem to be holding in the grass around the points in 6' of water. Spinner baits and jig and frog are the two best baits. Also a weightless do nothing worm has been working. Buzz baits in the backs of the creeks on the flats in 4' - 6' of water has produced some good fish this week.

WHITES & HYBRIDS: We are seeing good numbers of big hybrids come in. It seems a little early but the lake conditions are such that these fish are on a roll. KK Island is hot right now with the current draw. The hybrids are laying tight on the bottom and it seems the smaller baits are working the best. A 1/4 oz head with a 2" tail has been hot. Bottom bouncers are also working. If you get to much off the bottom you will pick up whites.

CATFISH: The edges of the creek channels in 15' of water back in the creeks fished with cut bait is picking up good blues. Set baits about 8'. The flat heads have been coming off chunk rock main lake points 25' of water down 15' on perch.

WALLEYE: We have seen several walleye this week. KK Island has been the best using bottom bumpers with crawler rigs. Check the saddles around the humps.


We are taking reservations at Osage Bluff Motel at 660-438-2891 and boat stall reservations at the marina at 660-438-2939. Everything is great here at the lake so come on down to Osage Bluff and enjoy the fun.

Till next week


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