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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 4/18/19

It looks like spring has finally arrived in the Ozarks  A little bit of sunshine, a little bit of rain and some wind. The lake is steadily dropping with the COE releasing about 27,000 cfs. daily and the water temp is slowly rising making the start of a fantastic fishing season real close. From what I am seeing I don't think the falling water will affect the spawn. One thing for sure the falling water has not bothered the mushrooms, they are up. The fishing seems to be picking up everyday The cool rain and cloudy days are going to keep things going for a while so you still have plenty of time to come to Truman and catch some slab crappie.

The turkey season is in full swing and the birds are cooperating nicely. There is good gobbling on the roost and the birds go quiet when they hit the ground, the hens are right there. It seems the late morning birds are working good. A little bit of aggressive calling and sit there and wait has been the program.

LAKE LEVEL:           715.55

WATER TEMP:         57 deg.

WATER CLARITY:    Stained.

CRAPPIE: The crappie are not up spawning in our area yet. There are a few fish starting to nest way up the lake in the county line area O 27 to Talley Bend. I think this year our fish will go on the original bank line so with doing a little math while you are fishing it should get a little easier. Right now it seems there are some males holding at 6' with the females back about 10'. With some sun shine and warm weather I look for next week to be the week. The best bet now is to drift the creek channels with a jig or minnow in 15' to 20' with either a jig or minnow down 10'. If you are fishing in the back of a creek about sunset pitch a jig up in 4' to 6' but that is later on in the day after the water has had time to warm.

BASS: The bass are holding on the secondary points in the creeks. Spinner baits, jig and frog or a square bill will catch these fish.Best depth is about 6'. Spinner baits in the backs of the creeks on the flats is also working look for the warmest water and the wind pushing bait fish back in. Stay close to the channels. 

WHITES & HYBRIDS: Look on the flats in the creeks where the wind in blowing in. 3" sassy shad has been the best. The whites seem to be running on top of the hybrids so a slow retrieve is a must. Have seen some nice fish this week.

CATFISH: Main lake bluffs in 12' of water with baits down about 6'. Cut bait is the best. I'm still having a problem finding shad they seem to be holding deep in the creek channels towards the backs. Secondary points are also working. 12' to 15' close to the channels with baits set 6' to 8'. 

WALLEYE: No report.

Don't forget to get your boat stall reservations in for the holidays call us at Osage Bluff Marina 660-438-2939. For rooms at the motel 660-438-2891.

 From all of us here at Osage Bluff        Happy Easter


Till next week


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