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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 3/28/19

As we sit here and watch the rain come down and the lake rise I thought I would let you know what’s going on around Osage Bluff. We will be opening on April 1st. If everything goes as planed we will have all our bait and fuel on the 5th and be ready to start the new season. Emily and Jason have been busy working on the motel this winter and it looks like they have everything ready. We are taking reservations for rooms at 660-438-2891 and slip reservations at 660-438-2939. We have a few seasonal stalls left for the year so if we can help you out give us a call.

We have been watching the lake levels and water temps closely and are hoping the COE will start running some water soon. I understand that the Osage River is full below Bagnel Dam as well as the Missouri and Mississippi. Craig and I went to Columbia today and the Missouri has water all over so with a little luck we should get rid of this water before the spawn starts. As far as Truman goes the water is in pretty good shape. We fished Monday and Tuesday and saw very little drift and the color is fishable. There is a little saw dust in the pockets but nothing that you can’t work around.

LAKE LEVEL: 717.3 11’ high

WATER TEMP: 52-55 deg.

WATER CLARITY: Stained to dirty. Dirty way up the rivers.

CRAPPIE: Best bite is at the mouths of the coves. Fish seem to be staging to move back in the creeks. 15’ with either minnows or jigs. Bluff banks on the brush piles in 25’ right on top the brush same baits. I am looking for these fish to start pulling tp the backs of the creeks and get in the buck brush if the water temp will keep rising. I always figure the spawn about the 20th of April but with the weather we are having who knows.

BASS: The bass bite has been tough this week. The people I have talked to are really struggling. My suggestion is Rouges off the points in 12’ to 15’ of water and move them at a snails pase. Also back in the creeks in the pockets under the clumps of sawdust with a heavy jig and frog. What makes it tough is not seeing any bait fish.

WHITES: No report at all on whites.

CATFISH: We did pretty good on blues this week on trot lines using cut perch. The bluff banks towards the backs of the creeks in 16’ to 19’ of water with baits right off the bottom worked good for us. We didn’t have any big fish just nice eaters.

WALEYE: No report water has way to mush color.

I did have a report of a couple red mushrooms being found. With the way the weather was this week I think the later part of next week could be a start. Turkey season is about 2 weeks away and the birds around the lake are tearing it up. Lots of gobbling going on in the am. It sounds like we have a good population this year.

Don’t forget to renew hunting and fishing permits. Batteries, water pump impeller’s and lower units need to be checked also it’s that time of the year.

Will have another report for you next Thursday with the latest and greatest.

Till next week


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