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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 10/4/18

It looks like we are going from summer to fall this week. From the hot weather we had the last couple days to some damper and cooler weather this weekend, I'm ready bring it on. With archery and turkey season open its hard to go in the woods when its 80 deg out. The weather person is saying we are going to have fall conditions this weekend so it looks like a great weekend to be on the water. The leaves are  turning more every day now. We are a good ways from full color but it is sure getting pretty out. 

LAKE LEVEL:             705.94

WATER TEMP:           74 deg.

WATER CLARITY:      Clear to lightly stained.

CRAPPIE: The crappie bite was a little off last weekend but has started to come back this week. The tree rows across the mouths of the creeks are producing some fish. Look in 15' of water about one crank up off the bottom. Either minnows or jigs will work here. The bluff points are also working in 25' of water with fish down 15' to 20' with minnows doing the best here. Isolated trees on the flats in 15' to 18' of water fished with minnows right off the bottom is also working.

BASS: The bass are still hanging on the secondary points. Top water in the early am. or on cloudy days and creature baits on blue bird days. 4' to 6' seems to be the depth. Square bills will also work on the secondaries. There are a few fish starting to chase shad on the timbered flats. 4' of water seems the best with spinner baits and square bills working the best. Look for the flats with the wind blowing across.

WHITES & HYBRIDS: The whites are starting to hit the wind blown points with more consistency now. Rooster Tails and small Rat L Traps are working the best. The best way to figure out the depth is you just can't fish to shallow. Look for flat main lake points with a small pocket next to it. There has been some nice fish taken off KKIsland in the evenings. There are some fish on the humps when the COE is running water. 9' to 12' seems the best with spoons working here. 

CATFISH: Trot lines worked well this with shad. The first 3rd. of a creek along the channel in 16' of water produced a lot of nice blues. Baits set close to the bottom produced the best. Jug fishing on the flats in 15' of water picked up a little this week. Here to shad was the best with baits set about 10'. I keep looking for the flat heads to get going but I haven't found them yet. 

WALLEYE: No Report. With the weather they are forecasting for the weekend I would sure be dragging some deep runners over the humps. 

That's the report for this week. Check us out on Facebook at Osage Bluff Marina or you can contact us by phone at 660-438-2939. Still lots of good fishing going on so come on down.

Till next week


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