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Osage Bluff Fishing Report 10/10/19

After taking a look at the weather for the weekend I think we can assume that fall has arrived. I do look forward to this time of the year with everything that goes with it. Lots of good fall fishing, deer and turkey hunting the wonderful fall colors really make this a special time. In my travels this week I have noticed that the trees are defiantly starting to turn. And this morning driving in I saw a buck following a couple does across the road so with that at least in my world I'm saying fall is here. The weatherman is saying we are going to see our temps drop into the 30's this weekend so that means it's time for me to head for the tree stand. 

Another note for fall is please remember to winterize all the outdoor equipment. Gas treatment in all the fuel tanks, anti freeze in the pumps and live wells and change the lower unit grease and maybe a new impeller in the water pump. All these things will make for a much happier spring. 

LAKE LEVEL:             710.0

WATER TEMP:           71 deg.

WATER CLARITY:      Stained

CRAPPIE: As last week the magic depth seems to be 15'. The brush piles on the points seem to be the most productive in our area. With the water temp starting to drop it looks like the fish are starting to think about moving to the coves for their winter feed up. Either jigs or minnows are working when fished right on top the brush. The bluff points are also working in 20' to 25' of water with the fish holding about 12'. The bridge pillars are always good this time of the year but you will have to sort through the smaller fish. 

BASS: The secondary points in the creeks have been good this week. A jig and frog fished in 4' to 6' of water along lay downs will work. One of my favorites is pitching a lizard in the same area just like in the spring. On over cast days top water along the edge of the creek channels in 12' to 15' in the tree tops will catch some quality fish. Zara Spooks and buzz baits are the top two picks in my book. 

WHITES and HYBRIDS: There has been a good bite on the main lake flat points and pockets. Look for areas where the wind is blowing in. 1' to 3' is the best with rooster tails being the best bait. The big thing to remember is you can't fish to shallow. There has been some spoon fish on the humps at KK Island in 12' to 15' of water also. The COE is running water through the dam so this bite shouls hang on for a while.

CATFISH: There has been lots of nice blues caught this week. Jugs and trot lines fished in 15' to 20' on the edge of the flats with baits set about 10' have been the most productive. Flats inside the main lake point of a major creek are very good. Cut bait is working the best. With the water temp starting to fall I look for these fish to start following the creek channels to the back of the creeks. The water temp is still a little warm for that but with the cool down we have coming in it could start moving some of the fish.

WALLEYE: No report this week.

When coming to the lake this time of the year you might want to call the marinas and check their hours as with it getting light later and dark earlier some of the hours have been shortened. You can contact us at Osage Bluff Marina 660438-2939 and the motel at 660-438-2891. 

Till the next time


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